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Englewood Earth Day Film Festival

THE 2019 EARTH DAY FILM FESTIVAL: The first annual Englewood Earth Day Online Film Festival was launched in 2019, when the Greater Englewood Community became part of a global network of venues screening films submitted to The Earth Day Film Fest (based in Chico California).  

A collection of films screened in 2019 is available HERE.


THE 2020 EARTH DAY FILM FESTIVAL: While the Englewood Earth Day Sunday Festival for 2020 had to be canceled, the online film festival will still take place, starting at 6PM Pacific time (9 PM Eastern) on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22nd in the usual venue (in your home where you are sheltering in place, watching Netflix & Corona Virus news).  

A Q&A with filmmakers follows the screenings.

TO GET YOUR “TICKET”:  To watch the film fest click on this REGISTER button.  Give your name and email address.  An email confirming your registration with a link to watch the films will be sent to you.  Follow the link at the appointed hour (9 PM Eastern), get your friends together, make some popcorn (it’s gluten free!), And watch the collection of films, learn more about environmentalism, and maybe go out and hug a tree.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?  Haven’t gotten your stimulus check yet? No worries.  The screenings and Q&A are free.  The folks who run the Film Fest do ask for an optional donation that goes towards the filmmakers.  


If you can spare 5 bucks Englewood Earth Day asks for a donation in that amount to help recover from the losses the sponsor incurred for having to cancel the festival.  All proceeds from the film fest will be delivered to the sponsor (Barrier Island Parks Society) by Planet Englewood during the Giving Challenge on April 28-29 - so that the donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Community Foundation of Sarasota.

Just hit the donate button over yonder and plunk down a $5 donation if you can contribute.