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ENGLEWOOD (3 ROCKS OVER FROM SOL).  When asked, many astronomers were unclear on where the Planet called “Englewood” could be found on celestial charts, until (after doing a Google search) they  consulted the website for this very special place and discovered, much to their amazement, a new concept in astral physics (their quantum friends already KNEW this) known as the First Law of Thermal Underwear - made popular by a saying attributed to a PHILOSOPHER (of all things):

“Wherever You Go - There You Are!”

To be sure, frustrated Map Quest Junkies can find “Englewood” in California, Colorado, New Jersey, Illinois and, of course our favorite, Florida, but that is entirely beside everything but the compass point.  

The denizens of the Planet the astronomers call “Earth” each have their feet (or in the case of those lacking them, some other body part) planted on the dirt which we (not coincidentally) call earth with (for a good many of us) eyes extended upwards to the heavens.  

[OR - as the song goes - “We are each of us in the gutter - some of us are looking up at the stars.”  

We, the earthlings of Englewood (or wherever your feet - or other body parts - happen to be at the moment) share a single space.

What one does in that space is fine and dandy - so long as it does not interfere with what the rest of us are doing in OUR space.  

Oh wait!  We all share the SAME SPACE!  

At least until the astronomers find a separate planet for each of us to move to . . .




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